Danny Seim

Danny loves Portland, Kentucky and misses his pug Geddy Lee. His favorite color is rainbow. Here’s some stuff he’s done in life:

Danny is a multifaceted artist, musician, and father who has significantly contributed to the Portland neighborhood for over a decade. Living in the area for seven years, Danny has dedicated his time and talents to enriching the community. He has served as Vice President of Portland Now, Inc., and chaired the Portland Art and Heritage Fair for the past 10 years. 

Danny’s impact extends to public art, where he has co-created initiatives such as community windows that highlight diverse and influential Louisville leaders. His contributions include the creation of several dozen murals, involving students, residents, and fellow artists. Notably, he led the development of the 60-foot mural in the Portland neighborhood, a prominent piece that celebrates the area’s heritage and is visible from the highway. As an advocate for children’s education and enrichment, Danny spearheaded the initiative to open a children’s museum in the West End, and he now serves as the Director of AHOY.