YPAL Behind The Scenes

The Conscious Cocktailer serving up mocktails

The Young Professionals Association of Louisville, or YPAL, provides leadership development, educational opportunities and philanthropic support to Louisville’s Young Professionals for the benefit of the local community. Many of Portland Museum’s former and current board members hail from the organization, including YPAL’s recently instated president Woo Smith, so we were thrilled to welcome to host their many members for a behind the scenes look at AHOY.

Katy on the mound

And when we say behind the scenes, we mean it! This event provided attendees a rare, in-person look into the AHOY house. Brave professionals followed Katy into the dusty home already glistening with magic (and some dust too). Visitors were able to see the house as it is today, then in the museum gleam its future through the props and designs of “I Bet We Can Build That.”

It smelled even better than it looks

Back inside the museum dinner was served by The Black Italian, and networking was had. So many young professionals say Portland Museum for the first time, and we think it was a good first impression, and peak into the future. If you’re interested in joining YPAL, check out their website here. We’re very thankful for them and the opportunity we had to host this event.

Up, up, and away!