Squallis Puppeteers presents:

25th Anniversary Exhibition Celebration

Twenty-five years is a lot of time to build up a lot of love, and for Squallis Puppeteers, this event was all of that love spilling throughout the halls of Portland Museum.

Just a fraction of the crowd!

Individuals, couples, and families from far and wide came out to celebrate Squallis Puppeteers with conversation, questions, praise, music, and overall, fun. We at the museum were honored to see our community show out and have a good time. We’re equally, if not more so, honored to be hosting 25 Years of Squallis Puppeteers, and were proud to show it off here. If you couldn’t make the event, come on by before March and see the exhibit for yourself. We also have custom t-shirts directly benefitting Squallis!

Sported by Squallis’ most handsome model

Also debuted at this event but available for the entire duration of the exhibit are three zines: an exhibit guide, a coloring book, and The Story of Squallis! These are hefty little books created by Squallis themselves offering insight into the exhibit, a fun family activity, and a deep look into their organization’s history.

One, Two, Three! All For Free!

Already seen the exhibit? Well here’s a reason to check it out again: the Squallis video archive is now on display, alongside a few other big puppets. We’ll leave those for a surprise. Regarding the videos though, we’ve got multiple TVs and stacks and stacks of content we’ll be looping through until March. Come by and see what you’ll get!

Not available any day though was the finger puppet making workshop, returning from the Art and Heritage Fair. The amount of kids who got the flex their creative muscles was astounding, and that’s not even to mention the amazing puppets they made!

The Activity of the Night!

The event ended with some big news from Squallis, but instead of reading me say it, why not listen to them announce it themselves!

Thanks to everyone who made it out, and especially to Squallis Puppeteers who made all this possible. Here’s to another twenty-five years!