Celebrating Art From Our Bend In The River

Opening Saturday, September 23rd from 11AM to 5PM
as part of the Portland Art and Heritage Fair

Portland Museum is proud to present work from over thirty different artists who have made impact locally, nationally, or globally from a home, studio, or history in the Portland neighborhood. Assembled and curated with asks between friends and open call to the community, this selection of artists comprises a diverse, far-flung portrait of a longtime creative enclave evolving in its expression and finally emerging to the greater city, and world, surrounding it. Represented alike are multi-generational residents, figures from the neighborhood’s past, and new arrivals:

Daniel Barber (mixed media)

Megan Bickel (painting)

Billy Bradford (carving)

John Brooks (painting)

Gordon Brown (painting)

Tiffany Calvert (painting)

Scott Dean (painting)

Katy Delahanty (painting)

William Duffy (sculpture)

Suzanne Edds (sculpture)

Lacie Eubank (pottery)

Ceirra Evans (painting)

Kelsi Haberman (collage)

Noah Howard (mixed media)

Bryce Hudson (painting)

Jacob Huestus (painting)

Matt McDole (painting)

Brianne Miller (textiles + jewelry)

Rebecca Norton (sculpture + painting)

Amelia Pillow (painting)

Letitia Quesenberry (lightbox)

Edward R. White (sculpture)

Ché Rhodes (glassblowing)

Danny Seim (stained glass)

Stan Squirewell (collage + carving)

Brittaney Stoess (pottery)

Richard Sullivan (painting)

Roy Taylor (video)

Dean Thomas (painting)

Lilly Totten (mixed media)

Barbara Tyson Mosley (painting)

Matt Weir (bronze + mixed media)

Brad White (bronze)

Thanks to Portland Museum Board Member Lindsey Cummins for outreach and curation assistance on this show, and thanks as always to the Fund for the Arts for supporting Portland Museum as part of their Sustaining Impact Grant.