Katy Delahanty

Katy Delahanty has ten years of experience as a facilitator and certified mediator. Delahanty dedicated 15 years of her life to crisis work, courtroom experience, and case management for people with intellectual disabilities and mental health disabilities. She is a graduate of Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art with a strong art, teaching, and community outreach background. Delahanty is a resident of Louisville’s Portland neighborhood in the West End, and her family emigrated to the neighborhood in the 1800s. She is the Executive Director of the Portland Museum, board member of the U.S. Marine Hospital, board member of the Phoenix Global Humanitarian Foundation, Board Chair of the Eastern Washington Defense, Vice President of the Portland Now, INC, Neighborhood Association, Waterfront Development Corporation, and a Governor-appointed board member of the KY Board of Licensure for Art Therapists. She is a practicing artist and illustrated a coloring book called Chromatic Homes. Katy is also a member of the Portland Anchor Newspaper Committee and has co-founded Black Scene Millennium and the publisher, a re-edition of Louisville’s Black Scene Magazine. She ran Louisville Visual Art’s Mural Art Program for three years. She is a Public Art Project Manager for Christy Brown.

Delahanty is now the Executive Director of the Portland Museum and is helping lead the capital campaign for Adventure House of You (AHOY), a progressive, exciting new venture to Portland Museum focused on creating an immersive, experiential play space in the outdoor and indoor space of an old Victorian home adjacent to the Portland Museum. All of her education and experience have led her to an interdisciplinary approach to art and community.