Katy Delahanty

KATY DELAHANTY, Executive Director of Portland Museum, merges her passion for art, community, and social justice. Hailing from a family with deep roots in the Portland neighborhood, her ancestors emigrated from Ireland in the mid-1800s, forging a path that Katy proudly continues. As the granddaughter of civil rights activists Dolores and Robert Delahanty, she carries their legacy with unwavering determination. After graduating from the prestigious Cooper Union, Katy pursued a career as a social justice advocate, impacting marginalized individuals’ lives. She returned to her cherished Portland neighborhood, buying a fixer-upper home and immersing herself in its vibrant history.

Katy’s involvement in the Portland neighborhood flourished. She joined the US Marine Hospital and the Portland Museum’s board, dedicating herself to preserving the community’s arts and heritage. As Treasurer of Portland Now, Katy plays a key role in shaping the neighborhood’s future. Her contributions were recognized by The Louisville Defender as a changemaker and was on Creative Capital’s Artists shortlist of 2022.

With a decade of experience as a facilitator and mediator, Katy excels at bringing people together. She dedicated fifteen years to crisis work, advocacy, and case management, supporting individuals with disabilities while championing inclusivity.

Beyond her role at the Portland Museum, Katy actively engages with organizations like the Phoenix Global Humanitarian Foundation and Open Air Project in NYC. She serves on the KY Board of Licensure for Art Therapists, recognizing art’s healing power. Katy is an artist herself, creating murals and illustrated books.

Katy’s passion for journalism and cultural preservation shines through her work with Portland Anchor Newspaper and the revival of Black Scene Magazine. She facilitated significant murals, including the March on Washington Mural and the Henrietta Helm Mural. Katy helped establish an endowment honoring Henrietta Helm, funding a scholarship for University of Louisville BIPOC students.

Katy Delahanty currently spearheads the capital campaign for Adventure House of You (AHOY), Kentucky’s premier Children’s Museum. Her exceptional leadership has successfully raised nearly 2 million, providing crucial support for the creation of an immersive play space in an old Victorian home adjacent to the museum. Through her involvement in this Children’s Museum Expansion, Katy continues to build upon her diverse background in art, mediation, social justice, and community engagement. Her role as a driving force behind the transformation of the Portland Museum and the revitalization of the Portland neighborhood is strengthened.