Our Story

Founded in 1978 by elementary school teachers, Portland Museum grew from a single classroom to its present location in Beech Grove, an antebellum estate on the old road between Portland and Louisville. The on-going restoration of Beech Grove, an 1852 Italianate residence, serves to tell the story of William and Mary Skene, whose family lived here for eight decades. There are also two rotating galleries and a John James Audubon Gallery located on the first floor. In a modern addition, Portland Museum uses permanent and temporary exhibitions to tell the story of Portland — a Louisville, Kentucky neighborhood that is rich with history and the arts.

Beech Grove Press, a letterpress studio, is equipped with Chandler & Price presses, cases of foundry type, and bookbinding equipment. Here, as funding permits, children and adults learn and practice various printing techniques. Gray Zeitz of Larkspur Press has been a major influence over the years. More recently, we moved the studio from the building’s new addition to an underutilized space inside the original Beech Grove residence.

In addition, the Squire Earick House, an American Treasure, is part of Portland Museum’s collection. It is the oldest timber-framed house still standing in Jefferson County. The museum has been carefully restoring the Squire Earick House over the past couple of decades. In 2016, we began offering a preservation camp at the house through our Young Curators program. When the restoration is complete, the Squire Earick House will tell important stories about life on the river’s edge, flatboats, steamboats, the Underground Railroad, and more!


– Ash Braunecker, Executive Co-Director
– Danny Seim, Executive Co-Director
– Anna Wilson, Administrative Coordinator
– Bailey O’Leary, Education & Exhibition Coordinator

Board of Trustees

– Maria McGary, President
– Jon Cayot, Vice President
– Lacie Eubank, Secretary
– Wes Vance, Treasurer
– Kerrie Clifford, Member-At-Large
– Abby Glogower
– Beth Henson
– Bobby Shore
– Caroline Behrle
– Christa Iwu
– Doug Magee
– Ed White

– Erica Rucker
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– Joshua Hale
– Judy Schroeder
– Katy Delahanty
– Kristina Turner
– Lindsey Cummins
– Michael Janok
– Stan Squirewell
– Woo Smith